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April 28, 2016 Checklist

A move is a big and complicated thing to do. It is not just simply packing up your things and then moving to your new place. It involves a lot of things. It is really stressful actually. But your move will be better and less stressful if you have a moving checklist with you. This will help you to write out all the concerns and needs you have for the move. Arrange them all and you can just check the ones you have done. That way, you will know what you have not yet done or what you have forgotten amidst all the hustle of moving.

In your moving checklist, you have to make it a month or two months before your actual move. This will give you more time and avoid any unnecessary hassle for you. Start your moving checklist with:

1. Sort

2. Find

3. Organize

Sort out the things in your entire house that you are going to use in your new home. Get rid of unnecessary things. Separate those that need special packaging and those that are delicate. Then find a good moving company that you can rely on like the Shipping to Hawaii Company. It gives you the best local and international movers. There are more services that they offer and if you want to know them, visit them at or call them up at 818-ABC-XYZA. Ask them for a moving quote so that you will know how much you need to pay for. In addition, Shipping to Hawaii is a company that is licensed to operate by the US Department of Transportation. Finally you have to organize all your documents. All documents mean receipts, inventory of your things, school or job records, etc. You can put them in one box or organize them into a binder.

Continue your moving checklist with:

4. Use

5. Measure

6. Confirm

7. Initial packing

Use up the things that you have decided not to bring during your move. Take for example, foods or disposable stuff that you can use while not moving yet. Then measure the rooms in your new house so as to estimate and plan out a set up of where to put your furniture and appliances. Next is to confirm. Call the moving company you have chosen, perhaps the Shipping to Hawaii Company, rolex replica watches and confirm your move with them. Lay out all the details of the move. Afterwards, you can do initial packing with labelling like kitchen stuff, etc. You can leave the final packing to the moving company. Crush out all of these things in your moving checklist and continue with the following:

8. Change

9. Notify

10. Off

11. Reconfirm

12. Pack

Change your address in your post office so that your mail will be sent to your new place. But ask one of your neighbours to watch out for any mail coming for you in your previous home just in case. Then notify important parties such as the bank, hospital, employer, utility companies, and other parties that need to know your new address. Afterwards, request your employer for a day off on the day of your move to avoid any conflict. Reconfirm your move with the moving company two weeks before to avoid any delays as well. And finally, pack your personal belongings into your suitcases. On the day of your move, make sure that all the things in your moving checklist have already been crushed out except for three:

13. Verify

14. Pay

15. Inventory

When the movers come, verify if they are from the company you have hired. In Shipping to Hawaii, you do not have to worry because their workers are trustworthy. If you haven’t paid your mover yet in credit card, then pay them up front. Then after the move, take inventory of all your things. Just like a moving checklist, your inventory should be a list of all the things you have put on move. Now you are finally done moving! It really is easier if you have a moving checklist with you. That way, you don’t have to fuss about things you have forgotten to do.

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